Three cooking suite ranges

Premium – take advantage of traditional benefits

Premium epitomises the proven quality of the advanced systems that have made us the market leader for customised induction cooking suites in Europe.

The fifth generation of induction technology with pan detection and SLIDECONTROL – power-optimised cooking appliances for the best cooking results. A customised cooking suite tailored to meet the needs of your business, optimising workflows and maximising productivity.

NetComfort - making the most of trail-blazing potential

As a company at the cutting edge of technology, we have found a way to provide you with all the benefits of an intelligent, networked induction cooking suite. Your NetComfort cooking suite is connected to your network. The benefits are manifold.

Computerised remote and local diagnostics, connection to the MENU SYSTEM Competence Centre as well as data access from your own computer. Achieve transparency and control. After-sales service and support with a level of quality previously considered impossible.


Worker – ready whenever. Ready wherever you need it.

Not only straight to the point, but also extremely flexible when it is most needed. You have the choice. You plan your cooking suite individually within standard specifications. Joint-free cover of durable MENU SYSTEM sandwich construction. Flexible configuration of appliances and proven high-quality substructures.