An exceptional kitchen starts with cooking suite design by MENU SYSTEM

The cooking suite is and will remain the heart of every restaurant kitchen in future. The dimensions and power configuration of the cooking suite should be systematically customised to the individual needs and requirements of the business to ensure maximum efficiency of working and production processes in the professional kitchen and at the cooking suite. Five-start cooking suite design by MENU SYSTEM, the experienced cooking suite specialist, makes this possible!

Efficient optimisation with five-star cooking suite planning

Good cuisine has much to do with the right planning. Naturally also with a cooking suite configuration individually customised to the needs of the kitchen. As the market and technology leader for induction cooking suites, MENU SYSTEM therefore offers 5-star cooking suite design. Plan the successful future of your kitchen with us now.

Take advantage of our expertise:

Menu System - Five-star cooking suite design

The effect which the design of a cooking suite has on the productivity of your business and its kitchen team is considerable, and one which will endure for years to come.

Professionalism begins with planning and selecting a partner who can give you the right advice. MENU SYSTEM is the world’s only company with 40 years of experience in designing customised induction cooking suites. But for us, the most important input comes from you and your working environment. We know exactly how to cater to your individual needs in this respect.

We’ll build your dream – Every cooking suite is a one-off.

Cooking suite for smaller businesses

Multifunctional production and finishing areas with integrated preparation areas and work surfaces; compact design with maximum storage space.

Menu System - Cooking suites for small businesses

Cooking suite for medium-sized businesses

High-capacity, for high levels of productivity with conventional workstation divisions; designed for up to five members of staff; versatile and flexible, superior equipment.

Menu System - Cooking suites for medium-sized businesses

Cooking suite for high-volume businesses

Extremely powerful, separately developed production and manufacturing areas, for high volumes for use by up to ten employees, full equipment in the top and substructure.

Menu System - Cooking suites for high-volume businesses