Understanding induction

Induction hob

Induction hobs generate heat exactly where you need it – directly in the pan. An electromagnetic field enables heat to be generated directly in the base of the pan at maximum speed. No power is consumed and no heat emitted if the hob is switched on but no pan is on it.


High energy savings – just one of a number of benefits

  • Energy savings of 50 to 85% compared to conventional cooking technology
  • The reduction in energy costs alone means that induction technology pays for itself in no time at all – making it a high-yield investment
  • Minimum heat emission levels provide for an optimum kitchen working environment
  • Minimum greasy vapours with reduced spillage from pans onto hobs
  • Extremely short boiling times -  Maximum heat is available within a few seconds - No waiting time
  • Freely adjustable, highly precise energy provision for perfectly cooked food

Menu System induction technology

Menu System induction technology
  • Patented SLIDECONTROL technology
  • Pan type detection
    (material, size, power consumption properties)
  • Integrated cookware protection system using dynamic pan temperature control, among other methods
  • Full-hob temperature monitoring
  • Control electronics with the latest processor technology
  • Updatable control software
    (updates possible at any time)
  • Self-diagnosis system for error detection and signalling
  • Automatic fan monitoring
  • Digital, bright multi-segment information display
  • Complies with the EMC standards for household appliances
    (EN 55014-1:2006, stricter than the Industry Standard)
  • Control and power electronics resistant to power supply fluctuations
Menu System induction technology