About us


MENU SYSTEM AG is the market and technology leader for professional induction cooking suites in the restaurant sector and for large catering kitchens.

This three-fold specialisation makes our company unique:

  • We only manufacture cooking suites
    MENU SYSTEM is the specialist for cooking suites and deliberately does not get involved in general kitchen design and construction. Over 6000 MENU SYSTEM cooking suites are already in use around the world. No other company has more experience in the construction of customised induction cooking suites.
  • We specialise in induction technology
    MENU SYSTEM only supplies its customers with induction cooking suites. We develop and produce all the components for our induction technology in-house. You won’t find anything like the induction technology developed and patented by MENU SYSTEM.
  • We design and produce every cooking suite individually
    Every cooking suite is designed and individually manufactured by MENU SYSTEM to meet the customer’s precise requirements. Our designs are inspired by you and based on our unique experience.

Our passion makes cooking an art form...

Our philosophy is clear. The cooking suite is and always will be at the heart of all professional kitchens. That’s why we tailor our cooking suites specifically to the needs of you, the customer, and construct them using our state-of-the-art technical infrastructure. All operational requirements can be taken into account at the design stage of the cooking suite. MENU SYSTEM induction cooking suites therefore meet customers’ every last requirement.
Find out in detail about our range of services and first-class range of induction cooking suites. Browse in your own time through our gallery to find your perfect kitchen island or creatively design your own perfect cooking suite. Our reference list includes the most diverse induction cooking suites for catering kitchens, restaurants and hotels all over the world.

MENU SYSTEM is the preferred brand of Europe’s top chefs.
Our products represent the state of the art.

What you need to know about us

1. MENU SYSYEM is the European market leader and operates worldwide
Founded some 40 years ago as a sole trading company, today the company is a public limited company with its headquarters in St. Gallen (Switzerland) and subsidiaries in Germany and Austria. Our current workforce of over 80 employees looks after partners and agencies all over the world.

2. MENU SYSTEM is an owner-managed company
The Menu System Group is wholly owned by Dr. Paul Schneider, who also manages the company operationally. You’ll discover that we’re no faceless conglomerate, but a team of people who are within easy reach. What‘s more, this is what gives our products their strong identity.

3. MENU SYSTEM is a Swiss company
For MENU SYSTEM, “Made in Switzerland” isn’t just a label – it‘s a philosophy and a reality that is truly embodied by the company. Each individual, customised induction cooking suite is developed and manufactured at the MENU SYSTEM group’s headquarters and sole production site in St. Gallen.

4. MENU SYSTEM is a production company
At MENU SYSTEM, induction technology, electrical technology and metalworked components all come from a single source. The company’s defining principle is one of full control based on quality and expertise. Both customers and sales partners are warmly invited to visit our premises in person. We hope you’ll take us at our word.

5. MENU SYSTEM sets itself high standards and also meets them
Only delighted customers can secure market success in the long term. This is our belief, and one that we’ve been adopting for 40 years: with innovation and competence. We attach great important to every last detail. In the long run, many small differences in the details result in a major difference in quality.

What do we believe

Strength lies in concentration.
Do things for their own sake.
Change is the only constant – innovation never ends.
Induction technology is the cooking technology of the future.
Enthusiasm is our aim and our drive.
People make the difference.
The courage of others is rewarded.
Real values, real emotions – no compromises.
We don’t copy – we are copied.