PREMIUM induction hobs

Induction hobs generate heat exactly where you need it – directly in the pan. An electromagnetic field enables heat to be generated directly in the base of the pan at maximum speed. No power is consumed and no heat emitted if the hob is switched on but no pan is on it.


  • Patented SLIDECONTROL technology

  • Pan type detection
    (material, size, power consumption properties)
  • Control electronics with the latest processor technology

  • Self-diagnosis system for error detection and signalling

  • multi-segment information display


  • Intuitive cooking power regulation

  • Optimum adaptation of induction to the type of pan

  • Fast, freely adjustable control

  • For optimum operational reliability

  • Stay informed about the status at any time


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PDF Premium Design Catalogue
PDF, 1,63MB

Eco induction hob 3.5 kW

Power induction hob 6 kW

Multifunctional hob 7 kW

Full-coverage large induction hob 9 kW

Double Eco hob 2x3.5 kW

Double Power hob 2x6 kW

Double multifunctional hobs 2x7 kW

Double large hob 2x9 kW

Double SlideControl hobs 2x3.5 kW

Triple SlideControl hob 3x3.5 kW