PREMIUM griddle plates & roasters

MENU SYSTEM griddle plates – built flush into the cooking surface – offer a wide range of uses for users and customers, thanks to their special hard chrome finish. Low-fat grilling of fish and meat, frying of vegetables, fried potatoes, fried eggs, pancakes and more are what make this griddle plate such an amazing success. And to do all the above with minimal heat dissipation combined with ease of cleaning without chemical cleaning agents. There are six different sizes available, which can be accessed from one or both sides, with a smooth or grooved surface.


  • Full-coverage temperature monitoring and optimum heat distribution
  • Electronic control

  • Hard chrome surface

  • Dual-plate heating technology


  • Food is grilled evenly and remains tender

  • Temperature precision to within 1 degree; can be controlled quickly and without fluctuations
  • Reduces heat dissipation and stops food on the griddle from burning
  • Maximum efficiency with several large heating bars


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PDF Premium Design Catalogue
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40x60 cm

hard chrome griddle plate

50x70 cm

hard chrome griddle plate

60x60 cm

hard chrome griddle plate

90x40 cm

hard chrome griddle plate

90x60 cm

hard chrome griddle plate

120x60 cm

hard chrome griddle plate

Roaster 40x60 cm

Roaster 50x70 cm

Roaster 60x60 cm

Roaster 90x60 cm