Superior energy management

Energy efficiency reduces costs and protects the environment. For this reason, Celsius Black applies cutting-edge strategies in energy management. Pan type recognition enables active efficiency optimisation. The new cool-to-power system guarantees maximum cooking performance, even during peak periods. This means when cooking, you also use energy in the most efficient way possible.

Superior energy management thanks to:

Maximum energy efficiency and minimal standby consumption

Celsius Black represents the cutting edge in energy management. Thanks to state-of-the-art electronic components and active efficiency optimisation, the appliances ensure maximum energy efficiency and minimal standby consumption.


Quiet and fail-safe: An efficient – and so far unrivalled – cooling capacity ensures performance to the highest capacity without limitations, even when subjected to high loads or high ambient temperatures. Each Blackline inductor has three speed-controlled, individually controlled and short-circuit-monitored fans. Combined with the Star induction base+, we’ve got the highest performing cooling system available on the market.

Find out more about the Star induction base+ here
DIN 18875 on board (configurable)

Thanks to the energy-optimisation connection in accordance with DIN standard 18875, which are installed as standard, power surges can be avoided and energy costs reduced. The maximum power in the case of optimisation can be optimised per cooking zone.

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Multi-volt technology

Blackline induction is the only induction on the market designed for both three-phase operation at 400 volts and single-phase operation at 230 volts. This lends Celsius Black maximum resistance against voltage fluctuations and can be used in any environment.

“Best of” coil control

Celsius Black can control an induction coil either by pulse or by frequency process. That is unique. This capability makes it possible to apply the best and most energy-efficient process for the different cooking appliances.

«Working in an energy-efficient fashion is particularly close to our hearts for cost efficiency and environmental reasons. Celsius Black delivers the perfect solution.»