Superior safety

Celsius Black stands for comprehensive safety: from occupational health and safety to operational and fail-safety to future-proofing. A multitude of unique selling points ensure 360-degree safety and security in all relevant areas.

Superior safety and security thanks to:

Top investment security – 5 years guarantee

Our technologies, developed in-house, are consistently geared towards longevity. With our five-year factory guarantee on induction technology, we vouch for its unsurpassed quality.

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Future-proof, remotely updatable software

With the possibility to keep the control software updated by remote update, you always exploit the possibilities of Celsius Black technology in your professional kitchen to the full.

Integrated cookware protection system

Blackline induction protects your cookware as optimally as it protects itself thanks to pan-type recognition and DeltaT real time measurement with up to five temperature sensors.

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End-to-end coil architecture

A technology highlight: all coils with multiple centres are manufactured from a single stranded copper wire without interruption. The exclusive technology developed in-house ensures maximum operational safety.

Multi-mode controller with Hall sensor (wear-free)

The control dials are the most frequently used elements of any cooking suite. Maximum reliability is of utmost importance. With the Celsius Black multi-mode controller, position detection of the turn & push actions is contactless by means of a Hall sensor. This technology is wear-free. Signal processing is digitised.

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Autonomous cooling system for the Star induction base+

The Star induction base+ ensures the highest capacity of performance without limitations always, even when subjected to high loads. The ideal installation situation in the lower area of the cooking suite in a monitored cooled surrounding ensures a long service life.

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Maximum reliability

Each Blackline induction unit is autonomous, emergency-start capable and phase-monitored. Our generators are consistently installed at a distance from the cooking suite’s top section with its heat sources. In this way, we massively increase the service life of the induction unit. A powerful package of safety security for you.

VFT quality assurance

Every Blackline induction unit has passed an automated full test. Over 160 parameters are tested and reproducibly logged in different operating statuses.

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«Celsius Black’s high component quality is unique. For our kitchen, we rely on the best.»