Superior serviceability

With targeted and early information, servicing can be avoided. Celsius Black with Data Lounge supplies actively important information and notifies you by SMS or e-mail about events, if you so desire. Its Smart Check diagnostic system, the USB service interface and the configuration key for quick installation ensure maximum efficiency on site.

Superior serviceability thanks to:

Control centre for push notifications

You decide yourself who receives what information from your cooking suite via e-mail or SMS. This is active service prevention and effective service preparation. Unnecessary costs are avoided.

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Data Lounge appliance cockpit

In the Data Lounge appliance cockpit, you can view detailed information about every individual cooking appliance. For service and upkeep, this information is extremely useful.

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Smart-check diagnostic system

A comprehensive diagnosis and thus a targeted approach minimise service costs. Sensible upkeep work can be identified. Thus the effort required remains small, the impact great.

Configuration key for quick set-up

Blackline inductions unit can be configured according to customer and application requirements. In the event of servicing, the configuration can be transferred simply, quickly and securely. It couldn’t be any more service-friendly.

USB service interface

In the event of servicing on site, time is money. So maximum efficiency counts. For the Celsius Black, the data relevant to the service can be accessed simply and quickly via the USB service interface.

Service-friendly technology

The Blackline induction units are designed for maximum serviceability. They are connected with self-tensioning terminals; fan units can be replaced; and installation in the Star induction base is very simple thanks to the magnetic holder.

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SD card slot for long-term data storage

If connection to the Data Lounge is not possible, Blackline induction units have an SD car slot for long-term data storage. The capability of extensive diagnosis in the event of servicing can thus be ensured.

«Celsius Black actively and automatically provides me with all the information I need for maintenance and service. It’s simply fantastic.»