PREMIUM multi-functional cooking appliances

Nowhere is precise temperature control to within one degree more important than in a multi-cooker. In this multi-cooker, the accuracy and response speed of an electronic temperature control system have joined forces with the energy efficiency and productivity boasted by state-of-the-art induction technology.


  • Precise temperature control to within a degree

  • State-of-the-art induction technology

  • Power mode (booster)

  • Automatic level control


  • Each product can be prepared at the perfect temperature
  • Quick, efficient cooking

  • Short heating-up time

  • The right volume of water every time


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PDF Premium Design Catalogue
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Thermal multi-cooker 

GN 1/1, 9 kW

Inductive multi-cooker
GN 1/1, 9kW

Inductive multi-cooker
GN 1/2, 7 kW