Superior cooking functions

Undreamed-of freedom: You decide what happens in the pan. The multi-mode controller’s unique five cooking functions and its equally simple and exclusive turn & push operation give chefs the freedom of control. Thanks to the new pan-adaptive power control, you can control the cooking power with unprecedented precision. A whole new cooking experience.

Unique five cooking functions:

Stepless power mode

The stepless power mode allows for precise control of the cooking power. The pan type recognition acting in the background ensures maximum power density. Two power levels make ultra-fast boiling possible. You have complete control over the cooking process.

SlideControl for intuitive cooking

Control that’s a smooth ride. You control the cooking power by moving the pan on the induction cooking suite. SlideControl stands for intuitive cooking without distraction. The patented technology revolutionises working with small pans and saucepans.

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Chocolate level

The new chocolate level enables working with minimum power. Things that burn with other induction units turn out perfectly with Celsius Black. Hot melting succeeds for glamorous chocolate desserts from your kitchen.

Temperature control mode

Efficient and precise: The desired temperature can be selected accurately to the degree from 30°C to 95°C. Perfect for long-lasting, superior food quality. Smart temperature control makes keeping food warm particularly efficient.

PushHold function

The PushHold function guarantees consistent cooking and frying results and simple handling thanks to quick switching between functions. Temperatures can be fixed from 30°C to 180°C.

Exclusive technical features:

Pan type recognition

Blackline induction recognises pan types and thus the pan’s power absorption behaviour. The advantages: Maximum pan performance, cookware protection and simultaneous protection of the induction.

Pan-adaptive power regulation

The power increases with each pan across the entire rotary switch movement and reaches its maximum only at level P10. The power control is more subtle and even than with any other induction unit – and independent of the pan used.

Maximum power density per cm2

Thanks to the combination of high-level power reserves and the pan type recognition, Celsius Black achieves a maximum power density per each cm2 of the pan bottom.

Digital information display

Keeping track even when the pace gets a bit frantic – all information is visible digitally through the ceramic glass. Depending on the cooking function selected, the power stage, the current power consumption in kW or the target temperature can be viewed.

«With Celsius Black, we achieve top results for every guest. This makes cooking a real pleasure.»